Sunday 30 May 2010

The Golf Sandwich

Played my first round of golf yesterday. For some reason I always associate eating a sausage roll with golf….I know that sounds like the start of some new Tiger Woods joke but in aint.

When your out on the course you do get hungry and a banana just doesn’t cut it – we always have sausage rolls out on the course as they as easy to eat, tasty and filling. So for yesterday I decided to make my slant on this......  

"The Sausage Sandwich"

The Sausage: I used 2 types but really try to get as many types as you can to mix up the flavours. (I cooked the sausages the night before so they would be cold, otherwise the steam/heat from freshly cooked sausages would make the bread soggy)

Bread: I would use a freshly baked Turkish Bread as when you can get them fresh they are delicious, a fresh baguette is also an option.

The Sauce: it would be Mayonnaise based with a touch of mustard and a kick of sambal.  What I normally do here for such sauces is to have it in the following weighting as a guide:
- 3 parts Mayo
- 1 part of secondary flavour – here I went for a grained mustard which compliments the pork in the sausage & sambal to spice it up a bit
- ½ part tomato ketchup - to round off the flavour
- Black Pepper

When making a mayo sauce try the 3 part/1 part/½ part quantity and you will really be able to create a well rounded sauce.

OK anyways here is how I did the Sandwich….nothing crazy difficult here

Makes 6 super big sandwiches


1kg sausages mixture – (half catalan and half biologicial)
Sea salt & Garlic salt
Salted Butter – at room temperature
Tbsp sunflower oil
1 Turkish Bread or 2 baguettes

Grained Mustard
Tomato Ketchup
Black Pepper

Cooking utensils
Frying pan
Chopping board
Bowl for sauce
Bread knife   

Preparation of sauce

3 parts mayo
1 part mustard
1 part sambal
½ part tomato ketchup
Black Pepper

Cooking Sausages:
- When cooking a sausage you never prick the sausage before cooking.
- Always get your frying pan to a hot heat and before you add your sausage, turn it right down to low heat. Sausages are better cooked slowly on a low heat and never ever prick them!

- During the cooking process before you turn your sausages sprinkle them with sea salt and garlic salt – this will give the sausages a beautiful coating as they cook

- To assemble sandwich cut the bread down the centre and make a pouch from each side. Butter both sides of the bread and evenly distribute sauce
- Now simply place in your chopped cooked sausages and close up pouch

- Cut into thirds and wrap in tin foil


If you were eating these on the spot obviously you would serve with the warmed cooked sausages

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