Sunday 18 December 2011

Traditional Roast Chicken with Roast Spuds

The Sunday Roast is a huge tradition back home, I think it stems from getting up early to go to Mass and then having the day in front of you. In recent times we normally set aside Sundays for dialing in a food delivery and I haven't been to mass either in an age come to speak of it, so I aint cooked a roast in a while. I normally reserve it for special occasions as it always goes down an absolute treat.

Saturday 17 December 2011


I got this recipe from a Spanish friend of mine many years ago when we had a Tapas workshop together. Last weekend I had sangria again when watching the El Clásico in a Spanish Tapas bar so it gave me the idea to make it today for a Christmas party with friends.

Mix up your wine, lemon, cinnamon & alcohol the night before to let the flavours fuse with each other. Add your fruit the next day a few hours before serving to stop the fruit turning to mush.

Wednesday 14 December 2011

Chicken Soup

My thoughts on food have always been that it should be practical and suit the need & purpose for what you want. This soup fits that bill perfectly. This recipe is more or less 100% 'a hangover cure'. Although it is mighty tasty I only seem to cook it to cure a bad hangover….hence the reason why I use the soup mixes. The soup is very easy to get together and when it is ready it will really come to your aid and make your recovery day that little bit more bearable.

On the Soup mixture discussion I like to make a 1.5 litre soup with half of the stock coming from the soup mixture. So use enough soup mixture to make 0.75lt of soup. If you can try combining cream of vegetable & chicken soup for best results
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