Thursday 27 May 2010

One month on......

Its hard to believe that it has only been 1 month to the day since I started all this. Its been a whole heap of fun and I am still finding my way with it all but enjoying every minute of it, should of done it years ago to be honest. Ah well better late than never as they say.

I guess the reason why I started this whole thing is that I have a huge passion for food. Cooking is as pretentious, difficult and time consuming as you want it to be. Also for alot of people who don't cook it is the fear of cooking that is the hardest thing for them.

My belief is still as strong as it was before I started that if you follow the easy steps of:
- Introduction – get an understanding of what you want to do
- Ingredients – shopping list
- Cooking Utensils – what you need to cook it
- Preparation – prepare everything before you start
- Cooking/Method – follow the step by step method
- Tips – other suggestions on how to make it a different way or tips to  help you

If you follow these easy steps and with the visual presentation of what it should look like, well you can cook anything! It might not be perfect the first time but hey practice makes perfect especially with cooking. There is no better buzz for me than cooking something tasty for someone else or even just for yourself. I hope the blog can inspire you to try something new and different.

So what’s next up?
- The World Cup is on so planning a series of BBQ related posts - sauces, marinades, rubs, relishes, chutneys (weather permitting of course)
- I got up to and over 300 recipes saved, printed and written up from over the years so will continue to post from here too
- I want to also try and post things I have never done before. Some trickier things that have always intrigued me so plan on giving this a go as well

If you are enjoying the blog please pass it on to some of your friends or pass them on the link to the Facebook Group so that they can be regularly updated as and when I post. Follow me also on Twitter if you are into that as well.

Also if you have any suggestions or questions for me please just ask and I will do my best to accommodate ye.

That’s all for now!!

Aidan aka Food Devil

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