Tuesday 26 July 2011

Parmesan Encrusted Fish

I have not done this recipe in ages and I just remembered it as I wanted to have a salad tonight but wanted some fish to go with it. It is like a common theme here at Food Devil but this is remarkably easy. Your fish is first coated in white flour and then egg white 7 finally grated parmesan cheese. Then it is shallow fried in hot oil for about 2/3 minutes each side. This recipe also works great with chicken breast/slices courgette/eggplant

Thursday 21 July 2011

Vegetarian Omelette

Check out this funky way of making a very simple omelette taste delicious. For this omelette you will separate your egg & then whisk your egg whites until you have soft peaks. In a separate bowl you will beat the remaining egg yokes & milk and then fold in the egg white very carefully.

The omelette is then cooked on a medium-high heat and the vegetables (which have been cooked earlier) are added when the omelette is cooked with some grated cheese (cheddar in my case)

Tuesday 19 July 2011

Broccoli Feta & Cherry Tomato Salad

I tasted this salad the last time I was back in Ireland and I simply had to get the recipe and give it a go as it was delicious. Cooked Broccoli is not an absolute but a crunchy broccoli salad with feta, cherry tomatoes & roasted hazelnuts with a French dressing is really good.

Saturday 16 July 2011

Avocado with cottage cheese & black pepper

Its not often that you can post something that takes longer to write up than prepare & eat.

This is definitely one of those things and for people out there that say you cannot cook well start off with this as your starter and you will not go far wrong. 

Thursday 14 July 2011

Cous Cous Salad (Tabouli)

This salad is something I created many years ago and is always a big favourite whenever I have a BBQ at my place. At the time when I created it I did not even know what Tabouli was so you can see my ingredients and style of preparing it are very different to the traditional method as I really just tweaked the salad to my own personal taste & flavours.

With Cous Cous they advise that you use 1.5 cup liquid to every 1 cup cous cous but I like to keep it to 1:1 and then I add in the juice of a couple of oranges/lemon later to bring up this ratio. Also I used warm stock when adding to the cous cous and I noticed in many tabouli recipes they advise using cold water.

Rooftop gardening: in 5 short weeks

I have been really amazed at how fast everything is going in the garden in recent weeks. The warm weather coupled with the Amsterdam rain in the Summer is making at least someone happy.

Check out the contrasting photos from 5 weeks ago & today! Hopefully I will be making homemade tomato chutney in no time.

Tomato plants 5 weeks ago

Tomato plants today
To be continued......

Tuesday 5 July 2011

Italian Breadcrumbs

Every now and again you stumble onto a recipe that you know will be with you for a very long time…..an absolute piece of pure genius that every time you eat it, you enjoy every single bite and cannot wait to make it again

Well this recipe for Italian Breadcrumbs is one such recipe…..

Friday 1 July 2011

Better late than Never

Pepper plant moved to get full sun, Carrots & tomatoes going great

Finally I am happy to announce that I think I have cracked this gardening lark. After a slow start after my first seeds did not sprout I can happily say that my second batch are coming along nicely.

My tomato plants are really taking off and all going well I should see some fruit from them at the end of the summer. The Pepper plant I moved last week to the front as the Rosemary was blocking it from the sun. In the front bin only my carrots appear to have taken as the onions & lettuce got attacked by birds! 

To be continued......
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