Friday 21 May 2010

Hash Brownie (Space Cake)

I was asked by a close family friend for some culinary advice as they are a chronic pain suffer & wanted to have a Hash Brownie recipe. The below recipe 
is identical with the Nutty Chocolate Cake recipe, I removed the nuts and created a hash butter & then just followed a standard brownie recipe. 

The result if you try it is amazingly tasty but it is very important to remember to moderate your intake until you know how strong the cake is and how much you can tolerate it. 

200 g butter (unsalted)
3 Bars Pure chocolate (each 100 gram) & 1 Bar Milk chocolate (100 gram)
4 eggs
200 g Brown Sugar
150 g Self-raising flour
125 ml Cream

4g Hash

Cooking utensils                    
Weighing Scales                      
Heavy bottomed pan                  
Flour Sieve                      
Mixing Bowl   
Wooden Spoon  
Baking tin – Spring Vorm   

Cut butter into cubes
Beat eggs
Grease baking tin – Spring Vorm

Preheat the oven on 175 °C


- Melt your butter and burn all your hash into the butter. (if you are using grass break up all grass with either a grinder or a scissors)

- Next step will be to cook the hash & the butter for about 2-3 minutes. When this is done you now want the butter to cool completely so that you have created a hash butter.

- You will now use this hash butter as the foundation of the cake.

- Break 200 gram pure chocolate and the 1 milk chocolate bar (100g) in the pan along with the hash butter.

- Put the pan on really low heat while stirring until smooth and melted.
- Take the pan off the heat and let the chocolate butter cool down.

 - Place beaten eggs in a bowl & add the Brown Sugar and 1/2 a teaspoon of salt.

 - Now stir the cooled chocolate butter through the Eggs/Sugar/Salt mixture

- Now Fold in the Sieved flour – stir in Big strokes to give air to the mixture

- Pour Chocolate cake mixture into the greased baking tin
- Place in the middle of the pre-heated oven and bake the cake for 30 minutes

After 30 minutes take the cake out and leave it to cool for an hour.

Chocolate Icing

- Lift the cooled cake out of the baking tin and turn it upside down on a plate

- Place heavy bottomed pan over a low heat and break the last bar of pure chocolate into it
- Pour in the Cream and let the chocolate melt on low heat while stirring.
- Let the chocolate cool down a little when melted. 

- Poor the melted chocolate over the cake.
- Make sure the top and the sides are well covered. 

- Put the cake in the fridge to let the icing get firm. (overnight is best)

- It is best now to cut up the cake into evenly sized pieces & only eat one at the first sitting so you know how strong the cake is.


Serving Suggestion: Serve the brownie with Ice Cream

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