Thursday 20 May 2010

How to cook a Salmon Steak to perfection

A nice piece of Salmon steak is not the cheapest these days so when you do buy some, you want to be able to do it justice. Moving into the Summer I always start to eat a lot more fish with a nice herb salad on the side or some rice….nothing too heavy

Frying a Salmon steak is relatively easy you just need a decent non-stick frying pan and a watchful eye

Here are the steps you should follow to cook your salmon steak perfectly 
- Wash your salmon completely with cold water before you cook it, let dry skin side down on some kitchen paper
- Pre-heat a good non-stick frying pan to a medium high heat. When it is heated lightly rub your pan with some oilve oil (not too much as you do not want to fry the fish in the oil)

- Place your Salmon SKIN side down and let cook for a couple of minutes 

- You will begin to see the sides of the Salmon change colour to a light pink, starting at the base of the fish. Let this cook until you are a little past half way.

- It is now I like to add my seasoning before I will turn the fish. Tonight I used 2 different types that will glaze the top of the fish:

For me: Garlic salt with chilli flakes
For Rox: Drizzle of honey with brown sugar

 - Turn the Salmon and cook for 1 minute on the other side. 

 - After this minute turn back to the skin side for 1 final minute

 - When finished transfer to kitchen paper to remove excess oil

- Tonight I served this with a very tasty iceberg lettuce/fresh herb salad with pinenuts & avocado with a honey mustard dressing 

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