Friday 7 November 2014

Lamb Potato & Caramelized Onion Pies with chilli, coriander & ginger

Every now & again you cook something and you just sit there open mouthed looking at the other person eating saying a few things that I cannot really repeat here. These Pies are one of those moments…..I said GOD DAM

Been pretty addicted to the whole pie making business ever since I bought my 6 large muffin baking tray. So far I have cooked Steak Mushroom & Onion pies, Chicken & Leek Pies, Chicken Curry Pies & also Potato & Roasted Vegetable Mini Quiches. This time out I wanted to cook something with lamb & Chilli as I had a friend over for dinner who liked all of the above so we were in for a treat.

The principle behind this pie is identical in method to the Steak/Mushroom pie but this time I used lamb pieces. I caramelized the onion in brown sugar and I also added 3 green devil eye chillis to give the sauce a real punch. Also in the sauce added some grated fresh ginger root & fresh coriander which really compliments all the flavours going on.

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