Friday 21 May 2010

Creamy 3 Cheese Pasta

Wednesdays are always a funny one for me with the evening meal…..I got to leave the house at 7.30 and sometimes get home as late as 6.30 so this leaves me not much time to be super creative in the kitchen.

So I have now started to look at quick and easy meals that fill me up as I got a night of Pool and Beers ahead of me….tough life I know

I had some white fish breaded already in my Italian breadcrumb recipe but I really felt like a quick and easy creamy pasta recipe to compliment this. I also wanted to do something that I have never done before.

I got talking to a good friend of mine Raffi who now lives back in her native South Africa who, like me shares a huge passion for all things food. With Raffi being Italian I figured she would be definitely be able to help me out and find something…

First she recommended a creamy fennel dish: fennel and its taste is not something I am overly keen on so we quickly skipped that suggestion

Next up Raffi suggested a Risotto but as time was a factor we moved on….Risotto is something I am not overly keen on for some reason, I cooked it once and it was an absolute disaster and I intend now on cooking it again in the coming weeks, so be warned!!

Next try: Creamy carbonara with crispy parma ham – the crispy ham would compliment the fish but I have already posted my Creamy Bacon Fusilli dish so I wanted something different

In the end we hit the nail on the head and Raffi suggested a light creamy cheese pasta with camembert, mozzarella & parmesan with a touch of nutmeg. It is all super easy and super quick so I went ahead with this:

Ingredients (for 2 people)

¼ pack of camembert
80g Mozzarella
30g Parmesan
(Purchase better quality cheeses for best results.)

125ml Double cream
½ tsp Nutmeg (fresh is best but dried also works)
Salt & Pepper
Fresh Herbs (Parsley/Thyme offer freshness, others also suitable)
250g Dried Short Pasta (Fusilli/Penne)

Cooking Utensils
Chopping board
Sharp knife
Large saucepan for pasta
Small non-stick saucepan for cream & cheeses
Cheese Grater


- Grate Parmesan
- Chop Camembert & Mozzarella into smaller pieces to aid melting process
- Finely chop herbs

- Cook the pasta in boiling salted water as per cooking instructions

- In a non-stick saucepan put in the cream & cheeses (keep some parmesan over to put over finished dish). Start to cook at a low to medium heat.
 - After a couple of minutes add your nutmeg 
 - On a medium heat cook until all ingredients are melted
(Alternatively you can microwave all these ingredients if you want) 

- When pasta is cooked and cheese melted simply combine together in your large sauceapan, ensuring all the pasta is coated in the cheesy creamy goodness

 - Serve on a warm plate by itself or with a breaded fish &/or mozzarella garlic bread

Goes with:

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