Saturday 8 May 2010

Mozzarella Garlic Bread

Been playing around for quite some years at always making my own garlic bread as it is always so much tastier and cheaper than the ready made options you buy in the 
supermarkets. Also when making the butter you can really play around with it and make it to your own taste. My personal preference is a garlic & herb butter with a sprinkling of garlic salt & black pepper also in the mix.

When I make the bread I always buy the twin pre-baked baguettes which cost a quite frankly ridiculous 19 cents for both. Here I always make a normal baguette with the other one being spiced up with sambal in the butter and jalapeno chillies in between the Butter & Mozzarella.
Also when buying the Mozzarella as I am baking it I now always purchase the generic supermarket brand which costs just 45 cents. So all up with everything the 2 bread rolls can be cooked for under a euro or slightly over depending on the amount of fresh herbs you use.

As well to ensure that your oven does not become destroyed in the gooey melting cheese I build a sort of trench in the uncooked bread which then allows everything to cook away inside without overflowing everywhere.

This bread is a super tasty quick evening snack or accompaniment to your evening meal or if you want to get more adventurous the basis to a baguette style Pizza where you can add basically any pizza ingredient you can think of…..

Here is how you would make it


2 prebaked baguettes
75g Butter (at room temperature)
Buffalo Mozzarella
Herbs (fresh basil/coriander, dried oregano & mixed herbs can all be used)
Clove of garlic
Garlic crusher
Garlic salt
Black Pepper

Cooking Utensils
Chopping board
Sharp chopping knife
Bowel for mixing butter 

- Preheat oven to 200C and place the shelf on the bottom third on the oven
- Chop Mozzarella first in half the then even slices - this ensures both breads get equal amounts of cheese
- Finely chop herbs

- When preparing bread first turn over and remove the bottom part of the bread

- Run along the edges of the bread with a sharp knife and cut into the bread to enable you to remove the middle part of the bread to create a sort of trench.  

- Combine the butter, crushed garlic clove and herbs together

- Spread the butter evenly in the trench of the bread and add the Mozzarella on top

- The bread will now be cooked in a preheated oven at 200C on the bottom tier of the oven for 8-10 minutes or until the sides are golden brown. When placing the bread in the oven make your hands wet and gently moisten the bread. (this will enable it to brown more easily) 

- Remove when the bread is golden brown and serve/eat immediately



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