Tuesday 15 June 2010

Day 2: Shepherds Pie

Day 2
South Korea 2 Greece 0
Argentina 1 Nigeria 0
England 1 USA 1

World Cup Kitchen is an English Shepherds Pie 

A Shepherds Pie is very simply minced lamb with a crust of cooked potato. If the pie is made with beef it is called a Cottage Pie.

The Dish has a few simple core principles to follow and understand. These are:

- Minced Lamb is cooked in a large glass of red wine – you let the wine absorb into half of the mince and set to one side to add later to your cooked onions/carrots
- The minced lamb with wine is then added to cooked onions/carrots and tomato puree/tomato ketchup/Worchester sauce and tinned tomatoes.
- Add gravy to the mix and whole cherry tomatoes – these cherry tomatoes are absolutely delicious and you will find yourself actively searching for them and trying to get as many as you can in your serving
- Finally your mashed potato is cooked with crème fraiche, spring onion, herbs
- Topped with some grated cheese

Ingredients (this serves 10 but in honesty 5/6 is a fairer reflection as everyone will have seconds)

1500 grams of Lamb Mince
4 medium sized onions
6 medium sized carrots
Large Glass of Red Wine
2 Cloves of Garlic
1 red chilli
Cherry tomatoes (the more the better)
Can of Tomato puree
2 tins of tomatoes
500 – 750 ml of Bisto Gravy (other gravy granuals will do if you cannot find Bisto)
Squeeze of Tomato Ketchup
30ml Worchester Sauce

1500 grams potatoes
4 spring onions
Fresh Coriander
Mixed Herbs
Crème Fraiche – 125ml
Grated cheese (parmesan/gouda/cheddar)  

Cooking Utensils

Chopping Board
Sharp Knife
2 Large thick bottomed saucepans – I used a large wok for my sauce
Large oven dish
Potato Masher
Small saucepan for gravy & parboiled carrots

- Chop up onions & carrots roughly – keep it rustic here nothing too fancy
- Finely dice the garlic and chilli
- Peel all potatoes and chop into similar small pieces
- Finely chop Coriander & Spring onions (take middle third)

- Brown all the mince in a Wok  - medium/high heat

 - When Mince is browned pour in the large glass of red wine, turn heat down to simmer and cook until half the wine is absorbed into the mince, this will take between 20-30 minutes. When finished remove mince and place on a bowl to add to mixture later

- Cook carrots in boiling water for aprox 3-5 minutes – Keep stock for Gravy

- Cook potatoes in boiling water Tip: cook them for a little longer then usual, better when mashing

- Sauté onions for 10-15 minutes on a very low heat minutes and then mushrooms – after 5 minutes add garlic and chilli

- Now stir in mince and carrots
- In a separate saucepan make up your gravy as per instructions, using your stock from the carrots
- Squeeze in tomato ketchup, tomato puree & worchester sauce into mince and stir in completely
- After 2 minutes add your tinned tomatoes

- After 2 minutes add in your gravy and cherry tomatoes and turn down to a simmer and cook together for 20-30 minutes to let all flavours combine

- Mash potatoes with Crème Fraiche, sea salt and ground black pepper – add chopped spring onions & coriander(also mixed herbs can be added if you like)

- In a large oven dish place the mince mixture  - on top place the mashed potato
- Place Pie in a pre-heated oven for 30 minutes (180  degrees)

- After 30 minutes take out pie and turn on grill in the oven  - spread the grated cheese over the top and place pie back under the grill – this will now make the top all crispy
- When cheese is golden brown take out and serve with a light salad


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