Sunday 24 June 2012


GROUP D: Sweden

I have been told that Wallenbergare is typical Swedish. I had talked about making some meatballs but when I got this recommendation from a Swedish colleague I decided to go for this.

Yet again I learned something new while undertaking this European Championships Kitchen. I had to really stop myself when making this recipe as when you combine all the ingredients I had the feeling that the mixture was way too moist (I really wanted to added either flour or breadcrumbs to it). Due to this moistness in the mixture the meat is encrusted in a sort of omelette texture during the cooking process. The end result really is delicious.

I served Wallenbergare with a creamy mashed potato and frozen peas (very traditional appartently).  It is all served with a deliciously simple cream sauce. The recipe can be found here:

Serves 2


300g Veal Mince
50ml double cream
2 egg yokes
Salt & Pepper
Knob of butter

Cooking Utensils
Frying pan
Egg Flip
Mixing bowl

- Place mince & cream in a bowl
- Separate eggs and place yokes in bowl and mix thoroughly
- Season with salt and pepper
- Separate into 2 large meat balls

- Pre-heat a frying pan to medium to high heat
- Melt your butter in the frying pan and add your mince mixture
- To ensure the mince does not stick to pan turn after 1 minute on each side.
- Cook for a further 3 minutes each side

- Serve with frozen peas, mashed potato & a cream sauce

Smaklig måltid!!!

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