Thursday 7 June 2012


GROUP B: The Netherlands

If you have lived in The Netherlands for any length of time you will most probably of had an Uitsmijter. The Dutch are definitely more famous for their football than their cuisine but I have to admit that for a lunch sandwich the uitsmijter does tick all the boxes. For that authentic feel make sure to use grated Dutch cheese.

The Dutch like to use fresh sliced bread but personally I like to toast only one side under the grill and then place the cooked eggs on top of the fresh side. I just like the contrast in taste it gives over completely fresh bread.

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Serves one


2 slices of fresh bread
2 slices of ham
2 eggs
Sunflower oil
Salt & pepper
Dutch cheese (Gouda, Edam)

Cooking utensils 
Frying pan
Cheese grate
Egg flip

- Grill only one side of your bread, smear some mayonnaise on the fresh side
- Grate your cheese


- Place your frying pan on a medium to hot heat and fry both your eggs as you desire (soft or hard)
- Remove eggs from pan and place on the bread, fresh side up
- Season with salt and pepper

- Sprinkle with your grated cheese


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