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This recipe is an old favourite of mine. Its just so easy & as well perfect for when you are having lots of people over for an evening in your house. You make up your cheese mixture keep it in the fridge, then cook when the people arrive or when they get hungry. Just keep going until the cheese mixture is finished. Add cooked shredded chicken or prawns to make different types.

I remember stumbling onto this recipe that was written to be cooked on a BBQ – you roll the tortillas up & wrap in 2 layers of tin foil and place on a warm BBQ. It works well but tends to be very messy when eating.  

What I have attached below is the original quesadilla recipe – Quesadilla in Spanish means cheesy tortilla and in practise it is a glorified cheese sandwich. You can really add whatever it is you like to the below basic ingredients – if you do not like one of them remove and add what you do like.

500g Cheese - usually I get a couple of different types – Old, Young, Cheddar
4 Spring Onions
2 Tomatoes (de-seed and only use the flesh)
Green chilli                                              
Red or Yellow Pepper 

Handful fresh coriander   
Pine Nuts
Flour Tortillas - get the big ones - they come in packs of 4 - I would say get 2 packs

Sourcream Coriander Lime Dip                                
200ml Sourcream                                            
Garlic - 1 clove                                          
Ginger - Root is best but ground is also good - a small bit                     
Handful Coriander                                             
Half a Lime
Recipe can be found here:                                          
You could make your own but buy the jar - its works well & keeps fresh after opening for quite some time (if you got any left over)

Cooking Utensils

Chopping Board
Sharp Knife
Small serving bowls for Dips
Non - Stick frying pan 
Tin foil
Large bowl for cheese mixture
Large non-stick frying pan


- Roast your Pine nuts on a hot frying pan and let cool 

- Chop your peppers in large flat pieces, drizzle in olive oil and place under a hot grill and roast until black.
- Place in a sealed bag until cool - this will enable the skin to peel off smoothly.

- When cool, peel off skin and chop finely

- Grate your cheese in a big bowl  - toss together 

- Chop up your Spring onions, flesh of your Tomatoes, Coriander and also chili - add with chopped peppers to  the cheese  

- Using your hands mix all ingredients together

Sour cream dip - mix everything in a bowl - use juice of half a lime and place in finely chopped coriander/ginger/garlic - leave for at least an hour for flavours to settle

Guacamole - Recipe can be found here:     


- It is very easy - take a tortilla and place flat down - Add mixture to it and smooth across. Sprinkle your roasted pine nuts on top to ensure every quesadilla gets an even amount  

- It is at this stage that you would also add your shredded cooked chicken or prawns if you wanted too

- Place another tortilla on top to make a sort of sandwich.
- Place a small amount of olive oil on a non-stick pan 

- On a medium to high heat frying pan place Quesadilla when pan is hot - keep turning it clockwise for the first 5 seconds or so - makes it not stick
- Keep and eye on it - when it is brown, using an Egg Flip carefully turn it over 

- When it is cooked serve on a Chopping board - cut into desired sizes - into 6 or 8 pieces
- Eat with the Dips from above

- As it takes about 2-3 minutes per tortilla you can cook serve and eat and keep going until you are full


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  1. we started our mexican diner with it and loved it especially the ginger in the sour cream that gives a great original flavour, we'll do it again

    simple and tasty, all that i like!

    shirley and co


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