Wednesday 10 August 2011

Baked Tilapia

This recipe is incredibly simple. I was originally looking for a white fish recipe for on the BBQ but the weather did not oblige so I baked in the oven instead

Melted butter with lemon is brushed over your fish and finely chopped herbs are added…I used coriander from the garden. The cooked in a pre-heated 180C oven for aprox 10 minutes. Tonight I served with my cous cous salad but it will go with almost anything.

Serves 2

2 tilapia fillets
50g Butter
1 lemon
Handful Coriander
Salt & Pepper

Cooking Utensils
Oven dish
Chopping Board
Sharp Knife
Small bowl
Pastry brush

- Wash your fish in cold water
- Place your lemon in a bowl of warm water (this will release the juice easier)
- Melt butter and squeeze juice of 3/4 lemon into bowl
- Finely chop coriander


- Brush your own dish with the butter
- Place your fish into your oven dish and brush completely in the lemon butter
- Sprinkle your coriander over your fish
- Place in pre-heated oven for 10 minutes or until the fish is cooked


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