Tuesday 30 August 2011

Fish au Gratin

I really love this recipe, so many things going all which all result in some amazing flavours.

You will start off my poaching your fish in milk. Once the fish is cooked you will drain the liquid and make a roux of butter & flour and slowly mix back in your warm milk mixture. This will thicken everything up into a sauce and by adding back the cooked fish, cream, wine, gruyere cheese & mustard you will give that sauce a real kick of flavour. Finish off under a hot grill with breadcrumbs & gruyere on top.

Pure Genius!

Serves 2

300g Cod (other white fish work)
1 onion
2 slices of lemon rind
Bay Leaf
300ml milk
2 Tbsp white wine
3 Tbsp double cream
½ Tsp seeded mustard
2 slices of white bread
75g Gruyere cheese
40g butter
25g white flour
Salt & Pepper

Cooking utensils 
Food Processor
Sharp Knife
Chopping Board
Cheese Grate
Deep Frying Pan
Oven dish
Wooden Spoon
Mixing Jug

- Wash your fish in cold water
- Chop onion into large pieces
- In a food processor blitz your bread into breadcrumbs
- Grate your Gruyere cheese finely
- Combine your breadcrumbs & 15g of your cheese

- Place your fish, milk, onions, lemon rind & bay leaf in a deep frying pan over a medium heat and bring liquid to a slow simmer
- Cook for 5-6 minutes or until the fish starts to break apart
- Leave stand with heat off for 5 minutes

- Sieve your fish mixture over a jug.  

- In a clean frying pan melt butter slowly on a medium heat (be careful not to burn)
- Now add your flour slowly and stir with a wooden spoon until a roux is formed
- Remove from heat and slowly add the milk mixture while continuing to stir

- When all milk is combined, return to heat you can now add your wine, cream, mustard & remaining Gruyere cheese

- Finally break in your pieces of cooked fish and simmer for a minute
- Place all in a oven dish and top with your breadcrumb mixture
- Place under a hot grill until the breadcrumbs turn golden brown
- Serve with a light green salad


Suggestion: Cook potato & mash up super creamy & subsitute for the breadcrumbs for a Fish Pie

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