Thursday 14 July 2011

Cous Cous Salad (Tabouli)

This salad is something I created many years ago and is always a big favourite whenever I have a BBQ at my place. At the time when I created it I did not even know what Tabouli was so you can see my ingredients and style of preparing it are very different to the traditional method as I really just tweaked the salad to my own personal taste & flavours.

With Cous Cous they advise that you use 1.5 cup liquid to every 1 cup cous cous but I like to keep it to 1:1 and then I add in the juice of a couple of oranges/lemon later to bring up this ratio. Also I used warm stock when adding to the cous cous and I noticed in many tabouli recipes they advise using cold water.

Anyway check out my recipe below


250ml (1 mug) cous cous
250 ml vegetable stock
Red & yellow pepper (olive oil for coating)
3 red onions

2 Spring onions
Clove of garlic
2 oranges (or orange juice)

Juice from one lemon
Fresh herbs (Coriander/mint/basil)

Cooking utensils

Chopping board
Shapr Knife
Large Saucepan
Oven dish
Large Salad bowl


- Cut the peppers into 4 pieces and brush with olive oil
- Chop the red onion into long thin stripes

- Finely chop your garlic and also your spring onions & fresh herbs
- Make your vegetable stock with boiling water

- Place lemon in a bowl of warm water (this will free up the juice)


- Mix together the cous cous with your stock in your saucepan and cover with the saucepan lid – leave stand for minimum 15 minutes

- Under a high grill place your peppers in the oven dish and cook until black on the outside (aprox 10 minutes)

- Remove peppers from the grill and place into a sealed bag – let cool – this will ensure the skin just slides off

- In a medium heated cook your red onions. After 3 minutes add your garlic & cook for a further 3 minutes. 
- Now add your orange/lemon juice and let mixture come to a light simmer

- Remove skin from your peppers and chop roasted peppers into similar sized pieces to your onion

- Add your onion mixture & peppers to your cous cous and mix completely
- Finally add your chopped herbs/spring onions and transfer to a large salad bowl
- Let cool completely and serve


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