Sunday 9 January 2011

Top 10 posts of 2010

I begin the New Year with a well deserved holiday, 4 weeks in fact. Presently I am sitting in our apartment in Bali in T-shirt & Shorts and we are working our way towards Australia where I am Best Man at my best mates wedding. All this will mean that Food Devil will take a back seat over the coming weeks as I plan to take a break from it all and recharge the batteries fully for the year ahead.

One of my clear goals for 2011 is to migrate Food Devil off the blog format & into a dedicated website of a still to be determined format. Starting the blog has been a very liberating experience for myself in that for years & years I use to just store my recipes for myself…now I am doing the same for myself but sharing with anyone who finds it of interest.

I still passionately believe in my 4 steps to making a meal and all my recipes as you can see follow this unique structure:

Ingredients: essentially your shopping list

Cooking Utensils: what you need in your kitchen to prepare what is in front of you

Preparation: how you should chop, dice & prepare all your ingredients, to keep cooking hassle free do this before you start cooking so all is beside you ready to go

Cooking: the method of getting it all together, I also throw in many photos to visualize the cooking process. By doing this it will greatly increase your success rate in getting the recipe perfect first time

Anyways without further ado here is my personal Top 10 posts from 2010 (I would be very interested into hearing your own favourites if you feel like commenting)

1. Fish in Tin Foil 
Here I have combined the cooking method of both poaching & steaming fish. This recipe is my girlfriend’s absolute favourite. What I love about it is that you can really make each individual parcel to each person’s individual taste.

2. Chutney 

I cannot really separate either of my chutney recipes. The Tomato chutney & Madame Jeanette chutneys really compliment each other perfectly. They have become a mainstay of my lunch crew at work, so much so that I made extra for the guys while I am away. The one thing that blows me away about chutney is it is just so easy to make…you simply have to try it.

3. Lamb Potato & Caramelized Onion Pies with chilli & coriander

Is there anything that beats the individual meat pie? Each one giving the exact same flavours as the next one. These pies have become very popular at our Poker nights. The only thing I can say when they are produced is that it gets mighty quiet, which is very unusual for Poker nights.

4. Prawn & Chilli Linguine 

This is so high up the ranking because it is perfect for that after work meal when you have very little time but what something delicious & fast. The cooking time here is less than 6 minutes if you use thin pasta.

5. Tomato Sauce 

The homemade tomato sauce, there are hundreds of different variations out there, mine is very simple & very delicious.

6. Korean Bulgogi 

I stumbled onto this recipe during my research for the World Cup Kitchen series of posts. I have cooked it many times since….if you like beef stir fry’s look no further than here

7. Chicken Stroganoff

I have been cooking this recipe for years, what always draws me back to it is the intense flavours. I never really understand why all these Ready Made KNORR type meals are so popular when you can see this recipe & how easy & tasty it is to get together.

8. Quesadillas 

I just love Mexican food, this recipe is one of my favourites for when I have the extended family over for dinner. The biggest advantage of it is that you can just prepare a Quesadilla when it is needed. Keep the dips to the side and just watch the plates empty.

9. Pavlova
I do not have the sweetest tooth but if you can tell me one person who does not like Pavlova I want to meet them…

10. Irish Stew 

A real personal favourite of mine during the winter months…before reading be warned I use Red Wine in the recipe…I nearly had to give up my Irish Passport when a few people read this in the original post.

Special Mention: World Cup Kitchen
My 2 passions in life are Cooking & Sports. Here I combined both to come up with a very unique concept that I called World Cup Kitchen. Every day of the World Cup I cooked a meal from one of the teams playing that day. There are some really great recipe ideas in here from all over the World. 

Well that’s it from me for a few weeks.


Aidan Kelly aka Food Devil

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