Thursday 23 September 2010

Chicken Stroganoff

This recipe is a very old favourite of mine, now that the Winter is coming it will start to be on my weekly menu more often. What I love about it is the unique character you can give it. The basis of the meal is all about the flour & spices mixture. You want to have a consistency of 2:1 here. What this mixture will do is to give the sauce an amazing flavour while also acting to thicken up your chicken stock.

Also the beauty of this mixture is that you can really make it your own. So you can make it as spicy as you want, add other spices to it or even add dried herbs if you so wish. Really just play around with it and you will discover what you like & don’t like. Everything is cooked in a Large Wok so after you brown the chicken your onions/mushrooms are also cooked in the same oil so they immediately get the flavour from the spices.

This recipe works great for a mid-week dish and also can be cooked for a more serious dinner as like I said the flavour is very natural & delicious. I always serve it with potatoes but it also works with rice , whichever you prefer.

Serves 2    Cost of meal: <€5

2 chicken breasts
Selection of onions (white, sweet, shallots)
Half punnet of button mushrooms
2 cloves of garlic
2 Tbsp white flour
1 Tbsp selection of spices – (Paprika powder, Garlic/Onion salt, Chilli powder, Cayenne pepper,  Salt, Pepper)
500g potatoes or Rice
500ml chicken stock
Olive oil
2 Tbsp Crème Fraiche

- Cut chicken breasts in to long strips
- Chop onions & mushrooms
- Chop garlic finely
- Peel potatoes

- Make flour mixture – Add all spices to flour – mixture should be a consistency 2:1 of Flour/Spices.

- Coat the Chicken completely in the flour/spice mixture

Cooking utensils 
Sharp Knife
Chopping Board
Large bowl
Thick bottomed wok
Saucepan for potatoes

- Cook your potatoes (boil or steam)
- Heat Olive oil in a medium to high heated wok & flash fry the chicken. Here you only want to seal the chicken so do in 2 batches to ensure all get cooked at the same speed.
- When Chicken is browned take off heat and now add some more olive oil to the wok.
- Turn wok down to a medium heat before adding the onions
- Cook onions for 5 minutes and then add the mushrooms and garlic for another few minutes

- Add cooked chicken and mix together coating the mushrooms/onions mixture. Cook for a further 2 minutes
- Before adding your chicken stock pour in the last of your flour that you have left over in the bowl. This will help to thicken the sauce even further. Mix the flour completely before adding your stock

- Now add chicken stock to mixture and cook until sauce thickens (5-7 minutes)

- When thickened remove from heat & add your crème fraiche, return to heat and stir until the mixture bubble again.

- Serve with the cooked potatoes


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