Tuesday 19 July 2011

Broccoli Feta & Cherry Tomato Salad

I tasted this salad the last time I was back in Ireland and I simply had to get the recipe and give it a go as it was delicious. Cooked Broccoli is not an absolute but a crunchy broccoli salad with feta, cherry tomatoes & roasted hazelnuts with a French dressing is really good.

Below makes salad enough for 8 people, photos are from a double recipe where I had 20 people over for a BBQ

110g Hazelnuts
400g Broccoli (one large head)
110g Feta cheese (good quality)
Punnet (250g) cherry tomatoes
1 large sweet apple (Gala)

French Dressing

60ml (¼ cup) Extra Virgin Olive Oil
60ml (¼ cup) Sunflower Oil
Tbsp Grained mustard
2 Tbsp White wine vinegar
Salt & pepper

Cooking Utensils

Sharp Knife
Chopping board
Large salad bowl
Small empty jar
Frying pan
Large Saucepan


- Chop the broccoli into small even sized florets
- Rinse in cold water &  chop all your cherry tomatoes in half
- Chop all your feta into even sized pieces
- Peel and chop your apple into even pieces

(if you are preparing your salad in advance leave the feta/apple prep until the very last moment)


- Pre-heat your frying pan to medium high and lightly toast your hazelnuts, making sure not to burn them.
- Place Broccoli in a pot of boiling for 2-3 minutes – afterwards shock in a bowl of ice-cold water to stop the cooking process. Strain when completed
- Mix all of the French dressing ingredients together in your small jar and shake until all mixed together

- Combine all your ingredients in your salad bowl and just before you serve coat completely in your french dressing.


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