Tuesday 12 April 2011

Rooftop Gardening: The Start

(Before we start let me say that a foot is 30cm. An inch is 2.5 cm)

The concept of squarefoot gardening is very simple. You will condense down your garden into a series of square feet . In my case what I have chosen to do is make a rooftop/patio garden which will be 3 feet long and 1 foot wide. In my larger pot I will again have it 3 feet long but 1.5 feet wide.

The above size is just what suited me you can make it as big as you want with the standard squarefoot garden being 4ft by 4ft 

The Soil:
The soil mix that I used for my 2 vegetable boxes was a soil to composted soil ratio of 3:2. 
At the bottom of the box I placed some corrals. The aim of these corrals is that they will retain the water inside the soil. I also used some organic fertlizer also that that mixed throughout the soil.

What I planted:

What I wanted to plant was very simple. In the smaller box in my 3 squares I wanted to plant: Carrots……Spring Onions/Red Onions……Lettuce & Coriander

In the larger box I transplanted some rosemary & basil as I could not find the seeds. I also planted some marigolds and sunflowers as they help with the pest control. Inside for now I planted 2 types of tomato plants and also a red pepper plant which I will transplant in early May once the warm weather arrives (hopefully) 

OK here is what I did….

Filled the bottom of each box with corrals

Filled both boxes with my soil mix. Half way thru I mixed in some organic fertilizer

Now I created my 30cm squares (in my case the boxes allowed me 27cm squares)

Now your ready to plant the seeds.

Carrots & Onions – 1 for every 3” (7.5cm)
Lettuce – 4 per square foot
Peppers & Tomatoes – 1 per square foot

When planting the seeds you want to make a small hole in the soil. Then you will drop in some organic fertilizer into the hole, followed by a couple of seeds and then some composted soil.

As Tomatoes & Peppers  need to sprout in warmer climate i have decided to start their growing indoors. I simply followed all the above steps in a must smaller thinner plastic flower pot. I will water it twice a week and replant it outside in 4-5 weeks once the warmer weather arrives

Now I guess we just sit back and see what happens next……….

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