Thursday 21 April 2011

Rooftop Gardening: Back to Square One

OK as much as I regret to say I think I got to start over again.....these fingers of mine are not so green after all it seems.

It’s been 3 weeks now since I started the garden and still there is nothing happening. I had a little sprout last week but nothing more than that. The mistake I made was not fully understanding exactly it is I was trying to do. I was way too busy with the mountain of information I was trying to digest on the gardening process that I forgot to understand the principle of a seed sprouting. Also I think starting the seeds outside was a little early too, as it is only in the past week that the good weather has really arrived.

What I needed to do was to do was to keep my seeds in moist soil and in a warm environment. What I did was the complete opposite in that I only watered my soil every 2-3 days (I read the instructions to when the seed had sprouted not to when it needs to germinate) & I kept the seeds outside like I said in a milder climate than what was needed.
Now I am going to replant my tomato & pepper seeds indoors ASAP but in far less soil and keep everything warm & very moist. Apparently the seed should sprout within a week so all in all it is not the worst thing in the world. The carrots, onions & lettuce I will start over again. It is Easter weekend the up and coming weekend so if I can get to a garden centre that is open I will start things this weekend, if not it will wait a week. Hopefully in that time my Tomatoes & Peppers will have already sprouted.
So my first little adventure into gardening was not a success but all in all it is very easy to start over. The lesson I learnt here was to not look at the end product to focus on the smaller processes….

To be continued…

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