Sunday 19 September 2010

Seeded Brown Bread

For me brown bread was always Irish Soda bread so when a friend showed me this recipe I was intrigued by it as it was very different to what I was use to. The one thing you realize when making it is that it is actually very simple to make you just need to remember a few important factors before you start.

- Flour Ratio: I like to have it 4 parts wholemeal to 1 part white flour. This is my personal taste but you can play around with these ratios if this bread is not to your liking.

- Never mix Yeast & Salt together: This is major rule, do not let your yeast get in contact directly with salt as it will counteract each other. Mix it in at separate occasions with your flour.

- Seed it up: I like to use Pumpkin, Sunflower & Sesame Seeds. I also use a deluxe muesli also. You can use any seeds you want in this recipe. I keep the ratios 5 parts flour to 2 part seeds.

- Let your water get to blood temperature: The water should not be too hot, about 40C is perfect

- Let the mixture rise for 90 minutes in a warm place with a wet tea-towel over it. A warm oven or by a radiator or in the sun is a perfect place for the mixture to rise

With all of the above as a background lets see how we can make this delicious bread:

400g Wholemeal flour
100g White flour
200g selections of seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, muesli selection) 
Tsp Dried Yeast
3-4 pinches salt
30 ml Olive oil
2 Tbsp Brown sugar
450-500ml warm water

Cooking utensils 
Large Mixing Bowl
Weighing scales
12” bread tin
Electric Whisk
Measuring jug
Wooden spoon
Damp T-towel


- In a large mixing bowl mix together your wholemeal & white flour
- Now add your dried yeast and mix thoroughly
- Now add your salt & mix again

- Add your selection of seeds.
- Now add your olive oil & brown sugar.
- Finally add your warmed water and whisk until the entire mixture is mixed together. Add your water gradually here to ensure it mixes properly.

- You need to grease your bread tin before you add the bread mixture. The best way to do this is to coat the tin with olive oil & then flour.


- Pour the mixture evenly into your bread tin and place a damp t-towel over the top. Place in a warm oven for 90 minutes so that the mixture can rise 
- After 90 minutes quickly remove your tea-towel and turn oven on to 180C. (do this quickly as possible otherwise the bread mixture will deflate)

- Cook for 40 minutes and take bread out of tin. Place back in Oven for final 5 minutes
- Take out of oven and allow cool 

Storage Tip: Wrap in a tea towel and place in a dark place.


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