Tuesday 6 July 2010

Day 22: Pollo En Escabeche

Day 22: Semi-Finals
Holland 3 Uruguay 2


This is a very interesting dish, it is an authentic Uruguayan recipe for marinated chicken. It uses a combination of 2 parts vinegar and one part olive oil, so you could argue that it is more of a pickled chicken than marinated chicken.

Very simply you just brown your chicken pieces (I used de-boned thigh pieces) then you add in your onions, carrots, garlic & herbs/spices and mix together your vinegar & olive oil and simmer for 1 hour or until the chicken is done. You let the chicken completely cool and then you can eat it in a Salad or in a sandwich.

Its all very tasty and something I certainly never tried before, so why not try it!


1 Kg de-boned chicken thighs
2 Tbsp Olive oil
3 carrots
2 onions
4 cloves garlic
4 sprigs Rosemary
3 sprigs thyme
10 whole peppercorns (black, green, white)
400ml apple cider vinegar
200ml Olive oil

Cooking utensils
Non-stick frying pan
Large Saucepan
Chopping board
Sharp knife

- Chop onions, carrots & garlic in rough chunks



- Preheat a non-stick frying pan to a medium high heat and brown your chicken pieces
- Preheat your saucepan to medium heat and saute your onions while you are browning your chicken pieces 

- Add your browned chicken when completed and add your carrots, garlic, rosemary, thyme & peppercorns

- Now add your olive oil and apple cider vinegar
- Place on your saucepan lid and cook at a simmer for up to one hour or until the chicken is cooked
- When completed let completely cool for up to 5 hours or overnight

- Serve in a salad or in a sandwich

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