Sunday 22 August 2010

Hot Whiskey (Hot Toddy)

With the change of season we all know the sniffles and aches are going to start. If you feel either coming on, a hot whiskey is a great way to make you feel better. Just remember to not over indulge as then it defeats the purpose of having one.

Many people use brown sugar as the sweetener but I like to use Honey as it will also help if you have a sore throat.

Shot of Whiskey
Slice of lemon
Boiling water

- Boil your kettle

- Cut a slice of lemon and fill each segment with a clove
- To make your hot whiskey pour a shot of whiskey into a glass and mix with boiling water. (keep a spoon in the glass to ensure it does not break)
- Mix in honey to taste & add the slice of lemon


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