Saturday 17 December 2011


I got this recipe from a Spanish friend of mine many years ago when we had a Tapas workshop together. Last weekend I had sangria again when watching the El Clásico in a Spanish Tapas bar so it gave me the idea to make it today for a Christmas party with friends.

Mix up your wine, lemon, cinnamon & alcohol the night before to let the flavours fuse with each other. Add your fruit the next day a few hours before serving to stop the fruit turning to mush.

I have doubled the originial recipe so the below recipe will make about 4 litres of sangria so if this is too much for you just half all the ingredients.

Makes 4 litres of Sangria aprox


3 bottles of Spanish wine (Tempranillo/Rioja)
1.5 Lt lemon (sparkling)
6-8 Cinnamon sticks
3 Kinds of strong alcohol – Vodka/Rum/Triple Sec (150 - 200ml of each)
Selection of fruit pieces (Lemon/Orange/Strawberry/Kiwi/Apple)
Large Mixing pot
Sharp knife
Chopping Board


Night before: 

- Mix together your wine, lemon, cinnamon & alcohol and leave to chill in a fridge overnight


- Remove Cinnamon pieces
 - Chop all your fruit into even sized pieces (squeeze the juice from the lemons & oranges into the sangria mixture)
- Replace in fridge until ready to serve.

- Just before serving add ice cubes


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