Tuesday 6 September 2011

Smoked Turkey Filo Quiche with onion, potato, pinenuts, gruyere & sage

Some months ago I saw a friend make quiches with filo pastry and thought it was a much better alternative to the sometimes heavier pastry option. Last night therefore I decided to make a new quiche that I have never thought of before and I had 3 ingredients that I wanted to base this around.

Filo Pastry – Smoked Turkey – Gruyere Cheese

What I wanted to do with this quiche was to find complimenting flavours to go with the above so I went for the following: 

Filo pastry – Smoked Turkey – Caramelized Onions – Cooked potato – Roasted Pinenuts – Grated Gruyere Cheese – egg/crème fraiche/garlic/sage – Grated Parmesan

The result was stunning I got to say and it was a real melt in your mouth dinner…

Enough for 4 mini quiches


8 sheets of Filo pastry
75g butter
125g smoked turkey
2 medium sized onions
Tbls Brown Sugar
Drizzle of Brown Sugar
2 cooked medium potatoes (cold)
Small handful of pinenuts
50g Gruyere Cheese
3 eggs
75g Crème Fraiche
1 clove of garlic 

1 tsp dried sage
25g Parmesan

Cooking utensils
Large Muffin Tray
Frying pan
Pastry brush
Small bowl
Chopping Board
Sharp knife
Mixing jug
Garlic Crusher
Wooden Spoon
Aluminum Foil


- Pre-heat oven to 180C
- Finely chop your onions
- Chop your cooked potato into even sized pieces
- Grate your Gruyere & Parmesan finely
- In your mixing jug combine your eggs, crème fraiche, crushed garlic & sage and whisk thoroughly
- Melt your butter
- If your Filo is frozen remove from freezer and place in a tea towel and allow to de-frost (keeping in the tea towel will ensure the pastry remains soft)

- Lightly toast your pinenuts on a medium to high pan & leave to one side to cool
- When pinenuts are completed return pan to heat and on a low to medium heat cook your onions , about 10 minutes (cooking your onions on a low heat will enable them to release their natural sweetness)
- When onions are almost done you can turn heat up to medium and add your brown sugar a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and stir completely. Leave onions to cool

- To make the quiche base you will have to cut the filo pastry into the right size to fit in tray and also butter the pastry on both sides. I like to use 4 half pieces per cup with a focus on each quarter of the cup when I put the pastry in to ensure the pastry completely covers the tray

- Now with this done it is time to combine your Quiche mixture. 

- I used the following order (remember to use only a small sample of each)

Smoked Turkey – Caramelised Onion – Potato – Roasted Pineneuts – Gruyere Cheese

- Now you want to add your egg mixture – start off with slow amounts in each cup and move along to the next one…let the egg mixture find its place in the cup
- When all topped up you can now sprinkle your remaining Parmesan cheese on top

- Place in your preheated oven for 20 minutes
- Tip: to ensure that the fragile filo pastry will not burn cover the quiche with aluminum foil for the first 10 minutes

- Serve with a light salad


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