Thursday 19 May 2011

Rooftop Gardening: Take II

I learnt from the mistakes of my first attempt at planting my seeds by doing the following:

- I planted all my seeds indoors where the temperature is more warmer which will help the seeds to germinate. I bought a special seeding pot for my main vegetables on this.

- I kept the soil moist for the first 2 weeks of the germination process

- When planting the seeds I only planted at the tip of the soil (originally I planted a lot deeper)

Tomatoes & Peppers

Lettuce seeds sprout after just 5 days 

As you can see the results are a lot better. The next step will be to move the seedlings out to the garden.

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  1. I make newspaper tubes of soil & plant seeds in that. When you are ready to transplant you can bury the whole lot & not risk damagiing the fragile roots of the new plant. The newspaper will disintegrate over time & become part of the soil. You can buy seed pots that do the same thing.


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