Tuesday 27 April 2010

Montys Halloumi Wraps……(without Monty)

Anyone who has ate with Mr. Montgomery would have tried his Halloumi Wraps so much so that even in his absence it is the meal of choice to cook in Montgomery towers.

Very simply halloumi is a high melting point Cypriot cheese that is fried and is served in a Tortilla wrap with Salad & Montys magic sauce…(greek yoghurt & spices)

Ingredients: (Serving 2 people)   Cost of Meal:

Block of Halloumi cheese
4 Flour tortillas
/Lawash Bread

Salad Mixture:

150g Rucula salad mixture (rucula/lollo rosso/swiss chard)

Punnet of Cherry Tomatoes
2 Spring Onions
Sweet Red pepper


4 TableSpoons of Greek Yoghurt
Medium sized red chilli
1 clove of garlic
Sea salt
Half a lemon or lime
Sambal/sweet chilli sauce (add to taste)

Cooking Utensils:
Griddle pan
Sharp knife
Aluminum Foil
Chopping board
Large salad bowel
Pestel & mortar (if you do not have one a ceramic bowel with the back of a spoon will work)


Chop halloumi into 1cm even slices
Prepare all salad ingredients in a large salad bowel

- In a pestel & mortar crush up the chopped red chilli and garlic with a pinch of sea salt
- add the juice of half a lemon/lime & continue to mix together (lemon zest could also be added if you wish)
- now add your yoghurt and sambal/sweet chilli to a desired taste level


- Preheat a oven to 200C and wrap your tortillas in aluminium foil to heat

- Oil the griddle pan lightly and place on a medium to high heat
- Place the Halloumi slices on the pan and turn every minute or so until cooked golden brown

- To serve very simply place warmed tortillas/salad/cheese/sauce all out for everyone to make their own wraps…


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